LOOP21 in touristic regions: on a beach or on a mountain - communicate in real-time and digitally with your guest!

Case study: Burghausen

After the successful introduction of the first GPS city tour in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria - Germany, in May last year, the Burghauser Touristik GmbH presents the second interactive offer for tourists: a jazz tour. From the beginning on LOOP21 is technology parter with high-quality Wi-Fi and know-how.

“A GPS city tour is the new, multimedia discovery tour for tourists. Via the Wi-Fi the guests gets to the local Landing Page where they can download the free app”, Michael Oelhafen, CEO of Locandy and exclusive partner of LOOP21, explains. “The app offers the guests a GPS-controlled walk through Burghausen’s old town. As a pioneer in the tourism, Burghausen focuses on the ideal mix of digital technologies to entertain today’s tourists.“ 

The project was initiated by Sigrid Resch, CEO of the Burghauser Touristik GmbH: “By establishing jazz and Burghausen’s rise to the most important German jazz festival an attitude to jazz life was created  which expresses itself meanwhile in four swinging jazz seasons. Thanks to the unique technology of Locandy and LOOP21 we have already developed two GPS City Tours which are fascinating and enthusing the tourists and citizens. Moreover the Landing Page is an attractive tool to provide the most important information for the visitors and change them flexibly.“ Via their smartphones guests as well as citizens can discover the town on the tracks of jazz in Burghausen. From the town place the  walk is led over the road Grüben, from there especially the legendary "Street of Fame" leads up to the Mautnerschloss, the only "jazz castle" of Germany. There can be found the jazz cellar which has been a meeting place and think tank for musicians from all over the world since the beginning of Burghausen’s jazz history. The GPS city is a tour with a lot of jazz music and original tones from 1970 until today.

LOOP21 was consulted as the Wi-Fi expert in this project and realised the wireless network in the old town. High-class devices were installed for an optimum coverage and capacity. Beside the infrastructure LOOP21 also delivered the specially developed LOCATION-BASED-SERVICE, a software tool which locates the guest via Wi-Fi and shows them a Landing Page fitting to their current location. Tourists can access directly the GPS city tour and are also optimally provided with W-iFi during the walk. In the first half year already 9,000 accesses were registered. The Tyrolean company Locandy is a specialist for mobile experiences on smartphones in tourism. In May last year Burghausen started with the interactive smartphone tour „From smugglers, rascals and the fish in the salt coat“. Now after its successful introduction the new tour is already the second „interactive prank“ of the Burghauser Touristik GmbH. The jazz walk was produced by theatrical director Stephan Barbarino, adapted together with the jazz IG Burghausen, technically developed by the company Locandy and financially supported by the tourism association of Inn-Salzach.


Case study: Burghausen (PDF)

Case study: Greecehotspot

In cooperation with its holding company GmbH, Loop21 met the challenge to build-up a state-of-the-art wireless network in the touristic areas at the Southern Peloponnes (Pylos / Finikounda, Greece). Loop21 provides the hotspot server software to guarantee that the Internet access including location-based services for tourists and citizens flows smoothly.

First of all, the experienced team did a market research and technical line of sights to decide where the best places for the Internet hotspot are. After having planned the locations of the radio stations, the project “Greecehotspot” proceeded into technical detailed planning. The consulting team made up plans about which equipment to use, regarding the climate, temperatures and humidity situation. For the assembly, the wi-fi specialists decided the specific configurations and did the frequency planning.

In addition to the wi-fi consulting, the project team supported also with sales & marketing know-how. A market research made clear that “Greecehotspot” has to offer two payment options: credit card (realised via a prepayment interface to Paypal) and prepaid cards (sold in local shops). LOOP21 also developed the promotion materials for the POS.

Also, a fitting software solution for “Greecehotspot” had to be found. Since prepayment via credit cards and prepaid cards has to be offered, the consulting team decided to use the LOOP21 HOTSPOT software. Additionally there were activated the location-based services of the LOOP21 WLAN ENTERTAINER®. So the users find the ideal information which they search for their current position.

The team of LOOP21 installed and configured all components on-site and finally took over the operations.LOOP21 is also responsible for the remote & software maintenance, 2nd level support and monitoring the hotspot in Greece. These tasks are centralised in the control centre in Austria. For extensions and necessary maintenance measures, the support team also do trips to the sunny place at the Mediterranean sea (and they like it ;-)).

Systems in use: LOOP21 HOTSPOT Software, LOOP21 WLAN ENTERTAINER®, Internet Login and AAA-system (authentication, authorization, accounting), voucher module & prepayment interface module (Paypal), backbone management & storage of Internet traffic data, radio links (unlicensed) for last miles in rural and touristic areas & radio stations, 1st and 2nd level-support and operations, sales support & advertorial partnership with locals


Case study: Greecehotspot (PDF)




Ski resort

LOOP21 Mountainment® is the digital marketing tool for skiing and hiking areas. Use the smartphones of your guests and engage them multimedially. Via Wi-Fi you provide your guests with current and location-based information. LOOP21 supports the digital guest communication and loyalty.

  • Guests are already equipped (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Guests want information everytime and everywhere
  • Guests are digitally connected (social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • With LOOP21: pinpoint information and real-time communication through Wi-Fi
  • No mobile applications (apps) necessary - no searching and finding
  • No roaming costs
  • Remedy for overloaded mobile networks

Video, LOOP21 Mountainment®

New: Emergency Modul

from winter season 2015/16


Backend - Mountain railway:

  • Activate the Emergency module and highlight the areas in which there is an avalanche risk, a technical incident or where you want to inform the skier to do the last downhill to get back to the valley station.
  • Select the areas where the information will be displayed.

Frontend - Ski guest:

  • All active connections will be disconnected.
  • Real-time information on the smartphone (Wi-Fi), in several languages.

Case study: Mountain railways in Soelden, Austria

In 2011, LOOP21 started to provide the Austrian ski resort Soelden with Wi-Fi. Soelden is one of the best known ski resorts in the Alps. The unique winter sports centre provides not less than 148 km of slopes for Ski & Snowboard and offers 34 state-of-the-art ski lifts and cable cars with a total capacity of 70,000 persons per hour. Desiring that their visitors have location-based information and free Internet access via Wi-Fi, Soelden decided to start LOOP21 Mountainment®. This means that the guests conntect their own smartphones, tablets and laptops with the local Wi-Fi. The LOOP21 Mountainment® system matches the demands and wishes of the ski resport as well as the guests' expectations.

In the first run 2011, the statistics were so convincing that Soelden and LOOP21 decided to extend its offer to 5 more locations, where the Landing Page with location-based services and the Internet access are available. On this Landing Page LOOP21 put the most useful and relevant information for the users. For example weather reports, a list of open slopes & lifts and the latest news about Après ski events.
The contents and the design are individually prepared for every client. They are up-to-date and can be adapted any time without waiting times as we know it from static applications. The second big difference to mobile apps is that the LOOP21 Mountainment® system delivers information depending on the guest's location. The visitor for example gets different information on the top of the mountain as in the central hotel. After the second successful run in 2012 LOOP21 and the skiing resort decided to upgrade up to 14 hotspot areas. That shows how LOOP21 and Soelden are improving the system continuously.
The statistics from November 2012 until March 2013 shows approx. 103,000 unique users with 30 different languages. During this time period, the LOOP21 Mountainment® system was invoked more than 313,000 times. (State: 2013-03-28)

Systems in use: WLAN Hardware, LOOP21 HOTSPOT software, LOOP21 WLAN ENTERTAINER®, Internet login and AAA system, LBS (Location-based Service in 14 areas), CMS, statistics, legal protection by the provider liability of LOOP21, 1st & 2nd level support & operations




Data sheet: LOOP21 Mountainment® (PDF)

cable car

Cable cars, busses, tramways, subways – Modern wireless systems for public transport enable the communication with the single vehicle as well as with the passengers. LOOP21 provides a modular solution to transfer various services digitally. Thanks to the ideal selection of hardware and software components you can manage, control and monitor security cameras, light, intercom systems, energy supply and digital displays. Furthermore there are modern services and a digital information portal for the passengers.

  • Localization of a vehicle or cabin along the route
  • Security cameras (CCTV)
  • Intercom system (announcements, intercom) with fully automatic self-tests
  • Energy supply including monitoring of the power unit
  • Analytics of waiting times, customer traffic, capacity
  • Real-time information system for passengers, customer engagement
  • Central management of the services

With high-level professionalism LOOP21 takes over planning and realization of transport projects. Due to the internal development department and the own production site the components are designed and manufactured based on each single project. The LOOP21 team supports you from the planning phase and project management through the realization and assembly to putting the system into operation, its acceptance and subsequently the operations.

Case study: cable car in Tyrol

In 2015 the mountain railways of a well-known skiing area in Western Austria built a new cable car, a 3S gondola lift of the Dopplmayr/Garaventa group. To have only one system for security, control and management of the single cable car cabins, the railways went for the Mobility Communication System (MCS) of LOOP21. 

  • Wi-Fi provision along the whole route
  • Announcements and intercom in the cable car cabins
  • Playing music or information announcements
  • Light control in the single cable car cabins
  • Security cameras
  • Autonomous energy supply
  • Central management via a touch display in the control room
  • Communication platform Mountainment®: Local info for skiers

This project was realized by LOOP21 in close cooperation with Doppelmayr/Garaventa. A team of LOOP21 technicians worked out a solution based on state-of-the-art network engineering. The specifically developed communications boxes with all components were integrated into the cable car cabins. A backhaul network was installed with a wireless local loop which enables all connections to the stations and cabins. The railway staff can manage the whole system centrally from the control room. Based on this infrastructure a Location-Based-Service is provided as a passenger information system during the ride. So operator and guest derive an additional benefit from the direct communication and interaction with the skiers.





Data sheet: Wi-Fi in the cable car (PDF)

Data sheet: Mobility Communication System (PDF)en español

Press release: Wi-Fi for the new cable car “Panorama Bahn“ in Silvretta Montafon

Public transport

LOOP21 delivers wireless solutions for the public transport. Wether in the train, at the train station, in the bus or at the airport - by a precise planning, high-quality hardware and the optimal software package, highly frequented buildings and areas can be connected wireless.

Case study: Train station

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG [Austrian Federal Railways] provides their train stations with a high capacity Wi-Fi network. The projects includes planning, delivery of hardware and software, installation and operations. As the first locations the train stations "Westbahnhof" in Vienna and the station in Wiener Neustadt (both in Austria) were chosen. 

There were requirements for a one-stop solution to install a wireless hotspot covering the station concourse, the travel centre, the lounge area and the platforms. The travellers shall have an easy and secure access to the Internet.

Together with the mother company GmbH LOOP21 delivered a turnkey solution for the project  “Wi-Fi at the station“. This includes wireless measurements, planning, selection and shipment of hardware, configuration and installation, project management, set-up of the Internet line as well as the complete software solution including user management and legal protection. Also LOOP21 overtakes the function of the operator. For the wireless business quality devices of the German Wi-Fi manufacturer Lancom were chosen. The covered areas were provided with indoor and outdoor access points. The software solution offers a future-proof hotspot system.

Systems in use: Wi-Fi access points of the manufacturer Lancom, mountings, switches and cabling, management software LOOP21 HOTSPOT, assembly and putting into operations on-site, constant operation and maintenance




Press release: Wi-Fi at the train stations Westbahnhof in Vienna and in Wiener Neustadt


Digital innovations - just as mobility, multi-channel and big data - create new challenges but also big chances for retailers. The customized technology packages of LOOP21 provide retailers with:

  • Digital infrastructure (Wi-Fi, digital price labels, cameras)
  • Targeted interactions with the customers at the POS
  • User groups to enable personalized communication (User Profiling)
  • Real-time data about the customer behavior
  • Optimization of inter-divisional processes

LOOP21 uses Wi-Fi and other technologies to locate customers within a store. 

The LOOP21 Location-Based-Service reaches all smartphones in a shop. Customers find more easily the products they search for and make a faster purchase decision. Thanks to digital engagement in real-time and linking m-commerce with traditional sales, retailers increase significantly their revenues and cross-selling.

Combined with customer data (User Profiling) the shopping experience will be made unique.


Retailers receive valuable data about their customers because of the comprehensive data analytics: 

  • Measuring of the whole frequency
  • new vs. recurrent guests
  • (average) visit
  • statistics
  • routings and heatmaps
  • Implementation of existing systems (frequency counting, cameras, aso) and display in only one dashboard
  • (automated) reports. 


Video, LOOP21 Retail Solutions


Use case: Retail chain

A retail chain with 155 shops in 9 different countries europe-wide decided 2014 to interact actively with their customers in the stores. Via the free Wi-Fi the customers get to the real-time information platform of LOOP21. There they find real-time information about the assortment, product presentations, but also an online price comparison, a direct possibility to order (multi-channel) and free Internet access. This Location-Based-Service is customized to the respective location of the shop and the country. 

  • Digital customer communication at the POS (Point-of-Sales)
  • Internet access lines at all store locations
  • Management by a central platform
  • Legal protection and language customization according to each country
  • LOOP21 Cloud Service
  • All-inclusive implementation on-site

Last year 9.35 m. accesses were registered. With a smartphone in the hand buying decisions are made. At the same time the retail chain provides their customers with targeted info: availability, price comparison, consultancy, online ordering possibility. Moreover, the sales per customer has increased thanks to the targeted POS marketing.



Data sheet: LOOP21 Shoppingtainment (PDF)


 logo hornbach

Shopping mall

The issue „Wi-Fi in the shopping mall“ is about more than the simple improvement of shopping experiences. Attractive contents for customers, engagement, real-time communication, shopping guide, navigator, etc. – and all of it with one and the same cloud-based software – create an added value for your mall’s guests. With the right information for the current position customers can be guided and directed.  

  • Location-Based-Service based on Wi-Fi (without any app)
  • Active customer dialog via smartphones at the POS
  • Targeted surveys in the shopping mall
  • Important communication tool for marketers
  • Personalized address of user groups (User Profiling)
  • Data about customer behavior and motion flows (heat maps)

With LOOP21 you receive valuable data which make it possible to analyze movements and behavior as well as to get statistical data about your customers. The Wi-Fi in your shopping mall turns into a powerful tool.

Case study: Shopping mall chain

In 2013 one of Europe’s largest shopping center operator equipped together with LOOP21 five German shopping malls and one center in the Netherlands with high-quality Wi-Fi. The aim was to install a sustainable infrastructure as a basis for „Mobile Customer Services“ hence an added value for customers.

LOOP21 took over the detailed reviews on-site, the Wi-Fi planning as well as the selection and delivery of the wireless hardware which met the operator’s quality parameters (KPI). After the final wireless survey the LOOP21 software was implemented. On each of the 4 – 5 floors in every shopping mall the customers get as soon as they are connected to the free Wi-Fi a branded Landing Page. Beside the info about events and discounts the customers find a shop list and the „shopping navigator“. Via Wi-Fi located the user is directed in real-time through the shopping mall, without any app. So digital technologies are used for a direct communication with today’s customers.

  • Virtual dialog between brands and customers
  • Online catalogue and navigator
  • Digital customer relationship
  • Surveys at the POS
  • Statistical data about users, motion flows and behavior
  • Legal protection, operations and maintenance by LOOP21

Since the project launch there have been already 3.33 m. accesses registered in the LOOP21 system. „Only“ 95,000 users used the free Internet access which is the evidence that the Location-Based-Service and its contents are attractive for the customers who are currently in the shopping center.





Data sheet: LOOP21 Shoppingtainment (PDF)


City and municipality

Free Wi-Fi at public places – From youngsters to „modern“ pensioners today many of them are already equipped with Wi-Fi devices. Now an increasing number of cities and municipalities make use of that and score high points with their citizens and visitors. Thanks to the longstanding experience LOOP21 is the ideal partner and provider for public Wi-Fi projects.

  • Digital citizen information and service around the clock
  • E-government offers
  • Communication and active engagement of the youth or other groups
  • Important communication measures for the city marketing
  • Meeting the expectations of your location as a modern holiday destination
  • Analytics of movement habits (heat map)
  • Carefree package (legal protection)

The option to just log into the Internet via Wi-Fi does not provide any added value for the city or municipality. With LOOP21 you offer a so-called Location-Based-Service via the free Wi-Fi, hence the right information fitting to the current location. So you can inform your citizens and visitors, communicate with them, guide and direct them and start selected surveys. Wi-Fi is also the ideal basis for future smart city applications.




Case study: Location-based services for the city Wi-Fi in Vienna, Austria

The City of Vienna commissioned LOOP21 to take care of the added value for the City W-Fi by offering location-based content. Together with several City Council Departments (IT, Press and Communication service, Public Lighting, Water Engineering) the project team of LOOP21 worked on finding a solution that meets all needs and wishes.

The service for Vienna’s citizens is available at the city hall square in the centre and on 5 different locations on the Danube Island. LOOP21 provided the city with support during the different project phases, from the definition of these areas to the decision which content available on the landing pages.
“The highlight of the project “wi-fi in Vienna” is a service, where guests get location-based information. Once guests are connected to the wireless network, they are provided with a landing page which offers content that depends on their location.” (Press release of the City of Vienna, Sept 27th, 2012)
Loop21’s project team worked together with other project partners to reach common milestones. For instance the LOOP21 software department developed a specific SOAP interface which enables a communication between the LOOP21 landing page and the registration page for internet access of the city’s infrastructure partner.
The evaluation of the statistics shows an incredible usage! During the Film Festival in August 2012 at the city hall square there were 12,100 unique users counted on the landing page. The preferred button was the content of the Vienna Tourism and the city map. Overall, there were 35,000 page impressions in this one month.

Case study: Mobility infrastructure and services for city network in Lagos, Nigeria

Starting at the end of 2010, LOOP21, in cooperation with its parent company, consulted the team of Oxygen Broadband Networks while building a wide-area wireless network in several areas in the Nigerian metropolis Lagos. A professional Wi-Fi network offering high band widths had been set up.

Oxygen started up a wireless hotspot provider offering their users paid access to the internet. The requirements for the hotspot software were sophisticated: capacity, usability, reseller integration, payment interfaces, Nigerian SMS gateway, local setup and operation, maintenance contract and updates.
LOOP21 met all their needs and special wishes to the Wi-Fi networks as well as the software had been developed especially for the Nigerian team. Users have to register via SMS and then they can charge credit with a voucher they can buy in a shop in the Wi-Fi zone. The sales team of Oxygen administrates the credit types and supports their users via telephone. Since the admin interface of LOOP21 offers a lot of opportunities, Oxygen’s support staff can make an easy job.
Resellers of Oxygen’s Internet access codes can print the vouchers themselves. A demanding credit limit algorithm ensures that resellers do not exceed their credit contracts.
Next to the hotspot software itself LOOP21 added also the location-based service “LOOP21 WLAN Entertainer®” where the clients get contents depending on their location directly on their devices. The statistics component completes the software package which is used at our Nigerian customer: knowing everything at every time.



Case study: City of Vienna (PDF)

Case study: Lagos, Nigeria (PDF)




Entertainment park

Especially for theme parks / amusement & entertainment parks, LOOP21 offers Parktainment™ as a unique combination of the Loop21 hotspot software and the additional modules. For example, communication in the park, guest localisation, navigation and location-based services in real-time.

The basic idea is to show the guest location-based information on their own smartphone. Today's guests are already equipped with their own smartphones and other devices. LOOP21 Parktainment can locate users and give them selective information, which are relevant to their position, e.g. “Which attraction is near to me?”, “How long are the waiting times at my favourite coaster” or “Which tour through the park is the best for me and my 7-year-old daughter?”. Thanks to this interaction with the guests, LOOP21 has found a new form of customer relationships and guidance.

Case study: Europa-Park

Having over 4 million visitors every year, Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany, Europe. In the era of new media Europa-Park decided to entertain their guests with LOOP21 Parktainment.

In the first step, a LOOP21 hotspot with the LBS (Location-based Service) module, called Parktainment™, on five locations has been installed: entrance area, rollercoaster Silver Star and blue fire, Märchenwald and the (also new) FoodLoop restaurant.
The goal was to offer the guests of Europa-Park location-based information via Wi-fi. Using the LOOP21 Parktainment software package, a guest can connect with the Wi-fi and gets a Landing Page. This Landing Page is different on each (location dependent). When the guest is at the roller coaster Silver Star, they can post on Silver Star’s facebook page or watch the ride on the rollercoaster on YouTube while waiting in the queue.
Europa-Park is also using LOOP21’s Internet login. Every user has to register once and identify through their mobile number. This is necessary to cover the EU directive 2006/24/EG concerning the data retention. With LOOP21 as the operating partner, Europa-Park is completely protected concerning legal issues.
To cover the expense of the costs for the text message deliveries, Europa-Park also uses Loop21’s voucher module. They sell voucher codes (scratch cards) in the shops in the park to provide their guests the full access to the Internet.
While installing the Loop21 hotspot system in the network of the customer, arrangements about the interconnection has been made with Loop21’s network operation experts.
Thanks to LOOP21 Software, modern hardware, the fitting configurations and the technical know-how, the implementation of LOOP21 has been realised before the beginning of the season 2011. The launch was a great success.

Systems in use: LOOP21 HOTSPOT software, LOOP21 WLAN ENTERTAINER®, Internet login and AAA-system, LBS (location-based services), CMS, statistics, legal protection by the provider liability of LOOP21, 1st & 2nd level support & operations




Data sheet: LOOP21 Parktainment (PDF)